Sober Legs

Learning to walk on sober legs.

Still standing


Had such a stressful day today – car troubles again. And I thought for the first time in a while now how nice it would be to just relax away my worries with a drink tonight. But it’s just not that simple anymore, and I really don’t want to reset my counter again. I’m really proud of my sober days this time. Today is day 18. I am still sober. That is all.

3 thoughts on “Still standing

  1. Hey, thank you for your comment on my blog. And congrats on 18 days! I’ve found that the more days in a row that I can respond to stress in ways OTHER than drinking, the easier it becomes. (Says the “expert” on day 25 – haha). And seeing those days add up in the sobriety counter is a powerful motivator. Keep going!!

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