Sober Legs

Learning to walk on sober legs.


reset, reset, RESET…

It seems like that’s all I ever do these days – and my oh my! do the days/weeks fly by when I’m boozing. I’ve been battling so much with the weekends, that I’ve been getting rather despondent lately. But I’ve gotta get this right sometime, so here, this weekend, I’m going to go sober and get a jump start on the week ahead. Seems simple enough. Let me try to make it simpler for myself cos I can be a real baby – I will not drink today.

The sun is shining. Happy Day 1 to me!


day 3 triumph

Ok, so I reset the date again. Started day 1 on Monday, and today I feel like I achieved the impossible! I sat parked outside the liquor store for several minutes arguing with myself about whether to go inside or not. I thought of every reason not to, but I still wanted to drink. I was about to go in but somehow decided not to. Yay me!!

Here’s a big THANK YOU to everyone in this sober blogging community for being my inspiration and my life line right now. I love all of you.

Wish me luck for day 4.