Sober Legs

Learning to walk on sober legs.



I am feeling down today. Not really sure why, but it’s worrying. I have been stressing about my diet lately, and justifying to myself that I should get to eat whatever I want right now, if it means that I won’t pick up a drink. So then I give in and eat chocolate, or cookies, or buy a pie at work. And I’ve noticed my weight creeping up again. So I start feeling depressed again.

I worked so hard towards the end of last year to lose a nice amount of weight, and been really excited about losing more, finally making it to my goal weight this year. But then the weight stopped coming off.  Now I’m having this “should I, shouldn’t I?” issue with food. It feels just the same as it did when I argued with myself about drinking. I know I need to stop eating junk, and continue with my eating plan. And that’s what I tell myself every day. But then junk food happens.

I know this is contributing to my foul mood, just don’t know how to deal with this now.  Today is day 20, after tomorrow it’ll be 3 weeks. I haven’t had this much sober time in a long long while.  I just want to keep this up.

3 thoughts on “Food

  1. Dear Sober Legs,

    I hear your worry and pain. And I don’t have any spiritual advice but there is something I did that made me feel a whole lot better about myself: watch the series Drop dead diva. It’s on Netflix. She is overweight and still has a life and still continues to accept the difficulties of life and battle them. It is funny, I knew that seeing only skinny people on tv makes less skinny people feel fat but knowing that, I never knew it counted for me as well. It did. Weight does not worry me as much anymore while I think I must weigh only a few pounds less than she does. It will come when the time is there. And funny thing, my fascination for food left me slowly. Not sure if they were related but I guess at least partially.

    Another ‘trick’ I did is going into the store and telling myself ‘You can have whatever you want, what you really want.’ and then when I am in that feeling of abundance: ‘What do you really want?’ Check out the answer yourself. I was surprised with mine. 🙂
    Last but not least: don’t worry, be happy that you quit, good choices in food will come. Take care of you, loving yourself is a very good way of making happy choices. 🙂

    Hugs, Feeling

    • Thanks so much for just writing this. I really needed some feedback yesterday, and this helped so much. I enjoyed some more chocolate last night and for the first time in forever, had a really restful night’s sleep. I should stop drinking coffee at night more often. I’m getting too old for that. *Hugs back*

  2. I’m happy I could help you out here. 🙂 Good sleep is underestimated but VERY IMPORTANT. 🙂 It makes us able to deal with stuff we could otherwise not deal with.

    I drank 3 liters of cola a day (yes, yes… not good, I know) and I quit with drinking freshly preshed lemonjuice in a pint glass of cold, luke warm or warm water in the morning and during the day. Temp depended on my mood. Not sure how you feel about lemons but it sur made me WAKE UP!!!!! :-D. I also quit black and green tea immediately (never drank coffee) so I would not stay partially addicted. It took a week of mild and sometimes severe headaches.

    Not sure if I am saying something new but quitting coffee, smoking and sugar is advisable for people that were addicted to alcohol or other stuff. You might want to keep that in mind for the time that it is right to start on that. Specifically sugar lows can be confused with ‘I need a drink’ thinking. If you notice something like that it could be smart to look up some info on it. 🙂

    But that’s for when you get to it. Don’t let the weight thing get you down. And if it does: look up dokter Eric Berg on youtube. I think he says wonderful things about weight and weight loss. 🙂

    I’m happy that you quit! Good on you and good for the world. 🙂

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