Sober Legs

Learning to walk on sober legs.

day 3 triumph


Ok, so I reset the date again. Started day 1 on Monday, and today I feel like I achieved the impossible! I sat parked outside the liquor store for several minutes arguing with myself about whether to go inside or not. I thought of every reason not to, but I still wanted to drink. I was about to go in but somehow decided not to. Yay me!!

Here’s a big THANK YOU to everyone in this sober blogging community for being my inspiration and my life line right now. I love all of you.

Wish me luck for day 4.

2 thoughts on “day 3 triumph

  1. Stay strong Jackie, it’s so worth it and so are you xxx

  2. Looking forward to seeing a “Day 6 triumph” post! :o)
    It’ll happen when it’s right for you….

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